Disc Over Balkan

We are excited and happy to welcome you at ‘DiscOver Belgrade’ tournament a proud member of very first ‘DiscOver Balkan’ league. We hope to see many more in years to come and we would like to thank you for confirming your participation and for supporting disc golf growth in the region! Below please find some updates about DiscOver Belgrade tournament, June 8/9:


To make sure you don’t miss any fun while in Belgrade we are offering rooms in the very heart of the city in Skadarska street. This location is well known for it’s vibrant lifestyle with a lot of traditional restaurants, cafes and clubs. The price is 15 per person a night and we offer 2 bed and 3 bed rooms. Photos of actual rooms you can see here. We can also offer stay at couple of more locations in city center in case Skadarska street capacity gets exceeded.


Breakfast is optional, however we made sure you eat well before play and we will be offering a full buffet at ‘Velika Skadarlija’ restaurant, also located in Skadarska street.


We will be applying cash only policy and payment will be handled on spot at the time of arrival, including the tournament fee (20)


Course is located at Usce park, at confluence of rivers Danube and Sava- 15-20 minute walk from city center or 9 minute drive. We will play 3 rounds of standard 18 hole course plus finals.

Course map

DiscOver Balkan - Belgrade map of disc golf course


For any assistance with accommodation and your arrival you can reach out to several people in the team:

Official email: frizbijak@gmail.com

Veselin Neskovic- neskovic.veselin@gmail.com

Ivan Jakovljevic- ckoivspla@gmail.com

Milan Todorovic- todorovicev@gmail.com

Nenad Radojevic- nenad.radojevic@gmail.com

Or via Facebook: Frizbi Golf Srbija- Disc Golf Serbia page

*Here is a reminder of Tournament program:

Friday, 07.06.2019.
14:00-19:00 The Course at Ušce is open for practice
19:30- 01:00 Welcome party in one of many Belgrade’s clubs in city center,
21:00 Putting tournament

Saturday, 08.06.2019.
09:30 Player’s meeting
10:00 Tee Off 1st Round!
Lunch break:
After round 1, lunch will be served in one of the great places on river Sava, with a fantastic view of old Belgrade and famous Kalemegdan fortress.
15:00 Tee Off 2nd Round!
21:00 The journey in the night begins and for some might not end until early morning sun!

Sunday, 09.06.2019.
09:30 Player’s meeting
10:00 Tee Off 3rd Round!
Lunch break
15:00 DiscOver Belgrade 2019 Finals
17:00 Winners ceremony

Welcome players and see you soon!

Frizbijak team

Registered Players

Name Gender Country PDGA Number
Svit Savnik Male Slovenia 83880
Toni Vuković Male Croatia 107319
Bojan Burić Male Serbia 103568
Primož Tartinek Male Slovenia 72630
Andrej Slavič Male Slovenia N/A
Mojca Bernjak Female Slovenia N/a
Dejan Dobreta Male Serbia 106611
Dejan Vuksic Male Serbia N/A
Aljoša Grgurič Male Slovenia N/A
Maja Šimenc Female Croatia 52334
Josip Bošnjaković Male Aruba 107997
Vjeran Tuhtan Male Croatia #98001
Toma Djordjevic Male Serbia #103674
Tijana Šotić Female Serbia 89685
Tommy Vacca Male Austria 31917
Mark Maze Male Slovenia 16662
Alojz Gutovnik Male Slovenia 94077
Grega Triplat Male Slovenia 72353
Bojan Trost Male Slovenia 76090
Zack Bevelacqua Male Slovenia 105654
Andreja Bernjak Female Slovenia 109239
Aleksandar Sudžuković Male Croatia 81081
Nino Đurak Male Croatia 66496
Aleksandar Aki Vuckovic Male Croatia 62431
Danica Pajtak Female Croatia 62432
Ira Molnar Gorički Female Croatia 69639
Ana Gorički Female Croatia 99333
Tomislav Gorički Male Croatia 69640
Danijela Karanovic Female Serbia 120847
Tiina Riekkola Female Finland 79803
Dejan Prvulović Male Serbia 106615
Veselin Neskovic Male Serbia 103567
Predrag Nikolić Male Serbia 119611
Nenad nikolic Male Serbia 119612
Aleksandar Jankovic Male Serbia 117407
Mrgud Pajko Male Serbia 101364
Radule Mikić Male Croatia 62426
Stefan Mažić Male Serbia 102749
Terhi Kytö Female Finland 79817
Derek Robins Male United Kingdom 5980
Aleksandar Rutic Male Serbia 106613
Vladan Jovicic Male Serbia 120412
Vanja Brozovic Male Croatia 57256
Nemanja Zutobradic Male Serbia 91918
Milan Todorovic Male Serbia 87739
Ivan Jakovljević Male Serbia 96981
Nenad Radojevic Male Serbia 42496
Milos Djukanovic Male Serbia 102906